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While the fandom of Rocking star Yash has been touching new heights with the release of ‘KGF Chapter 2’, the actor’s feet are still grounded. With time, he has not only made his own empire of his loving fans globally but has also booked huge profits at the box office. Now the film is counting 100 days since its release and the audience are still raging high on its fever.

Yash’s amazing performance as Rocky Bhai in the film has truly won hearts. The actor who has completed 14 years in the industry is said to have a heart of gold as his benevolent and kind nature has always been adored by his fans. Having emerged from a very simple background Yash is one name in the industry who has established himself without any godfather. The actor has always given a supporting hand to his fellow friends and shared his success with everyone. He was also seen helping many people during the tough days of the pandemic. Moreover, Yash truly proved he is a Messiah off-screen and On the screen. With his amazing performance as Rocky Bhai in ‘KGF Chapter 2’, the actor truly brought back the era of the angry young men from the movie ‘Zanjeer’, which came as a big treat for the audience of this generation.

The self-made star not only made the name of Kannada films shine bright on India’s map but he holds all the credit to make it shine on the global front too. Yash truly made registers tuned when ‘KGF Chapter 2’ went on to collect the number of Rs. 430 Cr. in the Hindi version alone. While in the domestic market the film has collected numbers around 900 Cr. making it 3rd highest-grossing Indian film and has been performing extremely well on the OTT till date. It collected the figure of around 1300+ Cr. on the global front as well. While adding extra stars to its success, The film has also emerged as the first ever film to score 90+ on Ormax Power Rating in all 5 languages (Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil & Malayalam).

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