He is a top Wisconsin Republican and he fires the 2020 election investigator he hired

The 14-month investigation by Wisconsin Republicans into the 2020 election results cost taxpayers $1.1million and found no evidence of fraud. It ended Friday when the top G.O.P. The lawmaker who announced the inquiry was fired by the man he had given to head it.

Robin Vos, the Republican speaker in the State Assembly, was forced to fire Donald J. Trump’s allies and hire Michael J. Gableman (a conservative ex-justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court) to review the state’s 2020 results.

After weeks of tension between Mr. Vos, Mr. Gableman and the speaker — partly due to the speaker’s refusal of decertifying Joseph R. Biden Jr. winning in the state and partly because Mr. Gableman had endorsed a primary challenger for Mr. Vos — Mr. Vos announced that he was closing down the investigation. The Associated Press first reported the firing.

He has been a major driver of conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 Wisconsin election and a leader of far-right Republicans’ attempt to overturn Wisconsin’s presidential results. This is illegal.

WISN-TV Milwaukee was informed by Mr. Vos that Mr. Gableman had been fired via a letter. The two men had not spoken for several weeks.

Mr. Vos stated that he doesn’t believe there is any need for a discussion. “He did a great job last year, but he kind of fell off the track this year.”

Wisconsin Democrats who have criticized Mr. Gableman’s investigation since the beginning, celebrated his firing, and criticised Mr. Vos, for not hiring Mr. Gableman.

Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat.

While Mr. Vos was publicly supportive of the state funded investigation up until now, Mr. Gableman continued to make increasingly bizarre theories about the 2020 election. The former justice presented state legislators in March with a report recommending that they decertify the election. This proposal, which has no legal basis in either state or federal law, was nevertheless adopted by Mr. Trump’s most passionate supporters in Wisconsin.

After his narrow win on Tuesday night, Mr. Vos stated that Mr. Gableman was an “embarrassment for the state” at an election-night party.

Over the next days, Mr. Vos reiterated his decision to open the Gableman investigation, but indicated that he would soon close it.

He stated Wednesday that there were issues with the 2020 election and needed to address them. Justice Gableman decided that it was more important for Donald Trump to play and to appeal to extremes of his party, who believed we could unconstitutionally reverse the election, than to respond to his client, the Legislature, when the investigation was about to end.

In that interview, Mr. Vos stated that he had given Mr. Gableman a clear direction: “You can’t get involved in politics, and you can’t attend rallies.” He said, “We want you to be independent.”

But when Mr. Vos announced his hiring in June 2021, it was at the annual convention of the Wisconsin Republican Party. He did not publicly discipline Mr. Gableman after the former justice was at a political event with Mike Lindell (the MyPillow chief executive, who has funded many attempts by the electoral authorities to reverse the results) or when he attended local Republican Party chapters’ campaign events.

On Friday, Mr. Vos and his spokesperson did not return messages. Zak Niemierowicz was the spokesperson for Mr. Gableman and stated that he had resigned last month from the investigation. The messages were not returned by Mr. Gableman.

Francesca Hong (a Madison state assemblywoman) was one of the four Democratic legislators to demand a state audit on Mr. Gableman’s work. She claimed that Mr. Vos was equally at fault on Friday.

“Michael Gableman has been nothing but an conspiracy theorist & fraudster, fully enabled and encouraged by Robin Vos,” she stated on Twitter . “Sowing division in our state through undermining our elections at a cost of more than 1,000,000 Wisconsin taxpayer dollars,” she said.

Ben Wikler (chairman of the Wisconsin Democratic Party) stated in a statement that Robin Vos, much like Dr. Frankenstein created a political monstrosity which ended up turning on its creator.