‘Peacemaker’ Season 2 Appears Safe, James Gunn Says, In ‘Batgirl’ Wake – Deadline

James Gunn has a message for Peacemaker fans: “Calm down.”

The writer/director of the HBO Max series took to Twitter to soothe jittery fans, who are understandably nervous about a Season 2 in the wake of the unexpected Batgirl cancellation by the new Warner Bros. Discovery management.

The cost-cutting will apparently not extend to Peacemaker, even as WBD is in a slashing mode that allegedly will deemphasize scripted shows and focus on theatrical blockbusters. The firm is issuing a financial report tomorrow that is rumored to include layoffs and detail its plans going forward.

Prompted by fan concerns over whether their beloved Peacemaker show is safe, Gunn responded by tweeting, “Yes, guys, calm down.” 

Peacemaker was a success for HBO Max, and Gunn’s stature in the business makes it unlikely that the rug will be pulled out.

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